New Chairman of Microsoft

New Chairman of Microsoft John Thompson, seasoned IT Executive becomes the First African American Chairman of Microsoft

This is a significant development in the Business World.   I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Thompson when I started my career with IBM back in 1999.   He gave me straight forward advice and encouraged me to take risk!   Mr. Thompson is known to be a straight shooter who truly understands customer and shareholder value.

As the former Chairman and CEO of Symantec (makers of Norton Anti-virus) he transformed Symantec into a true Enterprise Security Company.   Now, as Chairman of Microsoft he leads one of with new CEO Satya Nadella – his goal is to ensure that Microsoft leads the continued movement to mobile and cloud services.

What we see with this Microsoft announcement is the combination of experience, innovation and diversity!   We can only hope to see Canadian organizations take the exact same steps in their leadership!



blog by Radcliffe Dockery