The Emotional impact of Job Loss

In various social media banter, I have noticed a discussion surrounding the ways in which employers are ‘terminating” employees.  Whether a terminated employee is walked out in front of their peers, being called into “meetings” unsuspectingly or being terminated without an opportunity to respond – the process has become too cold and too harsh.

Terminations or downsizing are a part of reality in today’s business world.   Every organization has the legal right to end employment.   However, every organization should be ending employment in a respectful manner.   For most of us, a job is the life line that enables us feed, clothe and provide shelter for our family.

The Supreme Court of Canada made mention about the value of work in the McKinley v. BC Tel case of 2001.  Says Justice Iacobucci:

“Work is one of the most fundamental aspects in a person’s life, providing the individual with a means of financial support and, as importantly, a contributory role in society. A person’s employment is an essential component of his or her sense of identity, self‑worth and emotional well‑being.”

Organizations must do a better job of realizing what a job is really worth.  It is not only about salary, benefits and perks, it is also about one’s emotional worth.   When an organization makes the decision to end one’s employment it should be done within the confines of the law and with compassion.

Yesterday’s news regarding the stabbing of four employees at an office in the 401/Yonge Street area has made many in Social Media circles revisit the issue surrounding the emotional/mental strain of job loss.

We certainly hope that the victims of this crime will have a full recovery.  And we hope that justice will be carried out swiftly to the perpetrator of this violent crime.  In one of my former roles, I worked with Ceridian Canada thus the news of this horrific act was more than a news story to me – it was personal.

While we do not know the complete circumstances of this case, the fact that the perpetrator of this crime was a former employee is troubling.  The investigation will provide us with further details into the mindset of the accused.   However, if we look at the larger picture – the discussion about the emotional impact of job loss must be discussed in greater detail across all sectors.

The Supreme Court alludes to this in the above mentioned case:

“not only is work itself fundamental to an individual’s identity, but “the manner in which employment can be terminated is equally important”.

Behind the statistics and reports there are real people who are impacted by job loss.   It is up to organizational leaders to deal with his matter with sensitivity and respect.


Blog post by Radcliffe Dockery


State of Black Canadians – Facts vs. Fiction!

The Black Community in Canada is vibrant and growing!    In 2013, a group of some of the best black minds in Canada came together to put gather statistics about Black Canada.   One of the most interesting statistics destroys the stereotypes that Blacks are “dependent” on Government.   Below are some highlights from the report.

T1888571_513005795481101_2089841211_nTaken from the Report Titled, “Toward a Vision for the Black Community”

Rob Ford vs. VMWARE – What happened to our balance?

Mayor Rob Ford continues to provide great material for late night talk show hosts.   Another video, another rant.  This time the Mayor attempts to invoke my Ancestors by practicing Jamaica Patois.  I just watched the midday news and every second word was “Ford” or “Jamaican”.  While it is fair to cover this story and posts an array of photo memes of Rob Ford, we have to remember that the world keeps on spinning. vmware-large-logoToday, software cloud vendor VMWare announced that they are purchasing mobile security company Airwatch for $1.54B US.   This does have implications as it relates to jobs in Canada – in particular in Southern Ontario.   BlackBerry is beginning the process of transforming itself into a true mobile security cloud vendor.   If BlackBerry succeeds, we may see solid job growth for the company again.  Also note that these are high paying jobs, that will benefit everyone directly or indirectly.  Let’s see how the media applies what seems to be an only a ‘business story’ to its potential impact on our communities.

So what’s my point?

Maybe the debate should be about how a Mayors behaviour impacts the ability of a city or region to attract investment from a firm like VMWare.   And to be honest, we are seeing some of dialogue via social media.

While the Rob Ford story is interesting and does deserve some media attention, we also can not lose focus on the core issues facing many today.   The VMWare could be great news for companies like SOTI – based in Mississauga.

I am not asking for anyone to avoid or downplay the Ford story.   What I am asking is for more of us to maintain balance and remember, the world keeps on turning!   Because end of the day, “A su life gwan”  *Translation – “That is how life may go at times”.  🙂

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Spending scandal catching up with Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell

Spending scandal catching up with Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell, pollster says

Article from today’s Brampton Guardian.

This poll is way too early.  However, the spending scandals out of the Mayors office is starting to catch up to her.  10 Months is along time to politics.   Never count out a Mayor who has a solid campaign team.    This will ultimately come down to voter turn out.   If voter turn out increases – we are going to see some change at City Hall in Brampton.    If not, this poll may be rendered useless.

cifennelpollBlog post by Radcliffe Dockery

Mayoral mischief: Canada’s growing cities face a problem of oversight

Mayoral mischief: Canada’s growing cities face a problem of oversight

Article by Dakshana Bascaramurty speaking to the lack of transparency and increasing mistrust of municipal officials in Ontario.  Can we say term limits and a complete overhaul of the Ontario Municipal Act?  Tax payers are being fleeced and the Provincial Government needs to take action NOW!

Time to Seriously Consider Term Limits, But Only If We Are Serious!

Time to Seriously Consider Term Limits, But Only If We Are Serious!

My contribution to TVO’s The Agenda discussing the need to implement “Term Limits” for Municipal officials in Ontario.