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Canadian CEOs to blame for slow Chinese investment, not Stephen Harper, says top takeover expert

Financial Post | Business

Michael Coates has some words of advice for Canadian executives: be careful what you wish for.

[np_storybar title=”Why China’s mood is souring on Canada’s oil patch” link=”″]Barely two years since the national outcry over China’s aggressive push into Canada’s oil patch, some of the major acquisitions are looking messy to hopeless. Read on

Coates, who built Hill+Knowlton Strategies into Canada’s top foreign-takeover consultancy, said myopic business leaders are more responsible than Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the country’s stricter foreign takeover rules and the resulting loss of capital investment from countries such as China.

“All politicians do is respond to the pressure they are put under,” New York-based Coates, 58, now chief executive officer of Hill+Knowlton Strategies Americas region, said in an interview. “Mr. Harper understands full well that we need to be an open economy. Let’s not let parochial politics affect our reputation as an open marketplace.”


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Twitter Inc shares soar as active users rise 24% to 271 million

Financial Post | Business

Twitter Inc.’s second-quarter revenue and user growth topped analysts’ estimates, sending its shares soaring more than 35%.

[np_storybar title=”World Cup has been Twitter’s moment to shine – but what happens after the final whistle?” link=””]

The World Cup was bound to be Twitter’s best chance to score, given it’s the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world with an estimated following of roughly 3.5 billion soccer fans — or half the planet’s population.

The microblogging company’s active membership in the quarter reached 271 million, with year-over-year growth at 24%, compared with 25% in the prior period, Twitter said in a statement today. That exceeded analysts’ projections of 267 million monthly active users for the quarter, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Sales more than doubled to US$312.2 million, exceeding the US$282.8 million average estimate.

The San Francisco-based company is maintaining its rate of attracting new members after reporting two…

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Behind the Video of Eric Garner’s Deadly Confrontation With New York Police

R.I.P. Eric Garner..


Updated July 23, 2014

On July 17, Ramsey Orta was talking to his friend, Eric Garner, about where to eat dinner — Friday’s, maybe, or Applebee’s. They eventually decided on Buffalo Wild Wings, but Garner never made it. Soon, a fight broke out nearby, Orta says, and after Garner helped break it up, New York Police Department officers on the scene accused Garner of selling untaxed cigarettes and attempted to arrest him.

Garner, a 43-year-old father of six who was unarmed at the time, argued with the officers about why he was being targeted. To corral Garner, one officer used what appeared to be a chokehold, a technique banned by the NYPD. Several others helped drag him to the ground. Garner, who had a history of health problems, died soon after.

Orta recorded the incident on his phone and the video has helped turn the fatal encounter from a local…

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BlackBerry Ltd defends Passport’s design: So what if it’s square?

Alrighty then!

Financial Post | Business

BlackBerry Ltd. is firing back at critics of its newest device after technology bloggers panned the Passport smartphone’s boxy look, including an 11.5-centimetre square-shaped screen.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company responded in a blog post, saying “It’s hip to be square,” and noted the device’s aspect ratio creates a “better viewing experience” for reading e-books, viewing documents and browsing the web.

“No more worrying about portrait or landscape modes,” BlackBerry said.

The Passport — somewhere between a tablet and a smartphone in size — is scheduled for launch in Europe in September.

BlackBerry said the Passport was designed with “the working professional in mind,” such as architects who need to look at schematics on the go or healthcare professionals who need to review x-rays with a patient.

“There’s a marriage of form and function with a rhyme and reason to it,” BlackBerry said on its blog.

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Sony Walkman celebrates 35 years

(CNN)- The portable Walkman celebrates its 35th birthday. It was Sony, not Apple, that transformed the way we listen to music.

On July 1, 1979 the Walkman hit the market. It was the first time we could take our music on the go with the portable cassette player.

walkman-Today, Apple’s iPod lets us take our music and playlists on-the-go but Sony’s Walkman was just as prevalent in its beginnings.

In 2010, Sony retired the portable cassette player, bowing out to the new digital age.

Shakedra Knight

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