Are you a taxpayer or a citizen?

Excellent article from Sarah Beech!

There seems to be a shift happening in Canadian politics. It’s a subtle change in language. Have you noticed? Politicians are no longer calling voters citizens, they are calling them taxpayers. We are going to help you, the taxpayer. We are going to save your tax dollars.

But who is this taxpayer? Why the change in language? And what does this mean for you?

Just like a marketing campaign, nothing in politics is an accident. Every move is strategic and deliberate and this shift is no different. The term ‘taxpayer’ carries a certain ideological weight because it determines the public agenda and frames how we discuss public policy.

If we were to look at what’s plaguing citizens versus what’s plaguing taxpayers our public agenda would look very different.  We wouldn’t be talking about property taxes, we’d be talking about the need for affordable housing. We would be talking about health…

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