Nay-cation? Why Canadians are leaving vacation days on the table

The lack of work life Balance is troubling!!!

Financial Post | Business

It doesn’t seem to add up. Canadians put a lot of value on vacation but don’t even use the days they are entitled to.

A new survey by TD Bank finds 93% of Canadians think vacations are important to be “happy” but only 43% report using up all of the days they are entitled to.

It gets worse. All those vacation days not used amount to billions of dollars going back to employers because once they’re gone, they might just be gone forever.

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Hellen Buttigieg, a life coach and founder of We Organize U, said she’s not surprised to see all vacation time left on the table.

“There is often a disconnect to what we value and how we behave,” said Ms. Buttigieg. “Vacation is an investment in our health, our relationships and in the long-run productivity.”

Shawnette Fraser, a branch manager at TD Canada Trust, says the…

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