Do you respect Nesta Robert Marley at work or only while on Vacation?

images (1)Not much of an introduction needed here.   Bob Marley is an world icon.   While known for his music, one of his biggest contributions to society was the message of justice, unity and equality.   So while many will play his famous hit, let’s hope that the same people will accept individuals who look like Bob Marley in fields outside of music!

As a Black Male with “Dread Locs” over the past 12 years, I find it troubling that while many will have no problem dancing to Bob Marley’s music, they have a problem treating someone who looks like him fairly in places of commerce.    It is time to heed Mr. Marley’s words, and respect our diversity in all aspects of life – just not when you are on a Jamaican vacation!



Blog post by Radcliffe Dockery


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