Great graphic outlining where our education system is failing


Education Reform should be a MAJOR issue in ALL Election



Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for about $16 billion

whatsapp-logoWOW!!!   WhatsApp the popular cross platform instant messaging application will be purchased by Facebook for $16 Billion!

With Facebook’s ownership position in Instagram and now WhatsApp this could get interesting.  Especially as Facebook continues its push in Mobile revenue streams.  How will this impact BBM?

CNBC broke the story today


Black History Personality of the Day – The Hon. Senator Don Oliver

Senator Oliver was the First Black Male named to the Senate of Canada.


On September 7, 1990, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney summoned him to the Senate of Canada. Since his arrival in the Senate, Senator Oliver has served as a member of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce; Chairman of the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs; Chair of the Standing Committee on National Finance; Chair of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry; Chair of the Standing Committee on Transport and Communications. Senator Oliver was Co-chair of the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons on a Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians.  Learn more about Senator Oliver

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State of Black Canadians – Facts vs. Fiction!

The Black Community in Canada is vibrant and growing!    In 2013, a group of some of the best black minds in Canada came together to put gather statistics about Black Canada.   One of the most interesting statistics destroys the stereotypes that Blacks are “dependent” on Government.   Below are some highlights from the report.

T1888571_513005795481101_2089841211_nTaken from the Report Titled, “Toward a Vision for the Black Community”

Apple may have considered buying Tesla, but why?

According to an array of reports today, Apple may have considered buying Telsa.

Interesting to say the least.  Not sure why Apple would even be interested in Telsa.   I could see some joint venture work in the areas of mobile music, data etc.   But this would be way outside of Apple’s core competency.   Instead, I believe it would make more sense for Apple to go after Panasonic or Sony.   It would provide them with more weapons to combat Samsung in the Consumer Electronics space.

What do you think?  Does a marriage between Telsa and Apple make sense?




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Vernal Equinox: The first day of spring in Alaska

pretty cool

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March equinox has a great significance here at 64 degrees of latitude where our winter days can be just under 4 hours and colder than minus 40 degrees. Winter’s cold grip has loosened over the previous weeks with lengthening day, the return to Alaska Standard Time, and more comfortable temperatures; the equinox is the gateway to the midnight sun. Though we welcome this milestone, it does not provoke people to build huge bonfires and do pagan dances like at winter solstice, rather, it’s a quiet rebirth. It is also an incredible time of year for northern lights watching (photos)!

The Vernal Equinox is the first day spring. The term equinox gets it’s meaning from the Latin and means equal night. The idea of even day and night length was derived closer to the equator but those of us that live further north or south of the equator…

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Black History Personality of the Day – Mansa Musa of Mali


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Emperor Mansa Musa I, an African King from the late 13th century, has been named the richest person who ever lived. listed Musa I on the ranks with Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Muammar Ghaddafi, below his name.

Mansa Musa I was the ruler of the Mali Empire, which included Timbuktu, Ghana and Mali. In today’s currency, the Emperor would have been worth $400 illion dollars. He was the 10th Mansa, or Ruler, of the Malian empire.

Mansa Musa I gained his wealth through Mali’s supply of salt and gold, which was the main source for most of the world during that time. He educated his countries during his rule, which helped them to maintain sufficiency beyond his years. Scholars were attracted to Mali, which was established as a global symbol of power and the birthplace of Sudano-Sahelian architecture.

Unfortunately, after two generations of the Malian empire through war and army invasions, the fortune was depleted. As part of his legacy, the mosque and university built during his reign is still in place in Timbuktu.