“Let’s Talk” a message to Employers in the Digital Age!

Kudos to Bell for the “Let’s Talk” campaign.   The issue of mental health is a very serious one.   While the amount of tweets, texts and discussion about Mental Health has been wonderful, it took CFRB Host Jim Richards to bring up the issue of employers  and their roles as it relates to mental health.

How many employees are given pink slips after years of loyal service?   How many employees are bringing their work load home, and spending more time on laptops/smartphones than they are with their families?  How are today’s workplaces handing sexual, racial and age discrimination and harassment?   bell

While many organizations are saying all the right things, what are they actually doing about mental health?   There seems to be an air of hypocrisy.    One can not say they care about mental health yet demand that employees work 18 hours or day.  One can not say they care about mental health yet shut down conversations about flexible working arrangements.  We only have to look at the recent storms in the Greater Toronto Area to see this.   How many of you were forced to be in the office on time while your kids school was closed, and while you had to travel in snow and ice?

I am not a mental health expert, however we all know work related stress can do to an individual and to a family.  “Let’s Talk” is the first step, the next step is “Let’s Listen”.    Our families, quality of life and economy requires this urgently.


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