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Martin Luther King speaking on Black Pride

Martin Luther King speaking on Black Pride

Fantastic short video clip from Dr. King, speaking on Black Pride and the real meaning of Black Power.   Note Scholar Manu Ampim regarding Martin Luther King Jr.


Dr. King’s Statements in Support of “Black Power”:

Black Power, in its broad and positive meaning, is a call to black people to amass the political and economic strength to achieve their legitimate goals.  No one can deny that the Negro is in dire need of this kind of legitimate power.  Indeed, one of the great problems that the Negro confronts is his lack of power.  From the old plantations of the South to the newer ghettos of the North, the Negro has been confined to a life of voicelessness and powerlessness. …The plantation and the ghetto were created by those who had power both to confine those who had no power and to perpetuate their powerlessnessThe problem of transforming the ghetto is, therefore, a problem of power – a confrontation between the forces of power demanding change and the forces of power dedicated to preserving the status quo.”  (Where Do We Go From Here, pp. 36-37).  Emphasis added.

We cannot speak about the contributions that Dr. King made to humanity without acknowledging that he also saw the need for Blacks to have pride in themselves.  No individual can expect to gain respect when they do not respect themselves.

We will not bridge racial divides if those who are feel oppression, refuse to demonstrate pride and respect for themselves.   In addition,we will not realize “the Dream”, if some refuse to acknowledge the feelings of those who feel oppression.

The media needs to pay more attention to the Dr. King in this speech, not just the Dr. King that makes them feel ‘comfortable’ when it comes down to speaking on race!

Blog post by Radcliffe Dockery

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