Oh Canada, 7.2% does not cut it!

Statistics Canada says 45,900 jobs lost in December, unemployment rate rises

The Government of Canada has been touting its Canada’s Economic Action Plan, however these statistics are showing clear weakness in job growth.  We will have more on “Canada’s Economic Action Plan”, for now – it is clear – the USA is improving and Canada is not.

Is the Canada Action Plan Working?
Is the Canada Action Plan Working?

Budgets at the Federal and Provincial levels are using all types of buzz words such as “innovation”, “growth”, “Training” yet the results are not evident.    Canada Corporations are sitting on billions of dollars, yet unemployment continues to rise.

Who is really benefiting from the billions that have been spent by both levels of government?   If billions have been spent, WHY is the Canadian Unemployment rate rising?   And how is this possible when our largest trading partner continues to show significant improvement?


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